IT Operating Model Optimization

IT Operating Model Optimization.

Empowered Service Strategy, Customer Focused, Optimized Service Execution.

To support internal or external facing customers, executing an effective IT Service Management (ITSM) program is critical to support complex, day-to-day business operations when aligned with an organization’s strategy.  We partner with our clients to analyze business performance to provide quality IT services through the appropriate mix of people, processes and technology, enabling stakeholders to achieve organizational goals, generate value through increased productivity and minimize costs.  We optimize IT service processes around multiple ITSM frameworks and industry trends to ensure end-user service effectiveness and process efficiency is maximized from the insight out.


IT Service Strategy and Design

The creation of value with IT Service Management starts with the development and planning of a strategy empowering governance generated from business cases prior to design of IT services.  With increasing demand for the use of mobile and web applications, as well as DevOps and Agile methodologies, we work with our clients to ensure customer requirements and the overall business strategy are aligned with the creation of the service strategy.


Using a coordinated mix of people, processes and technology required to define performance metrics, we enforce a design strategy that quantifies increased service value across an IT service catalog.  To ensure both employee and customer experiences are optimized, the service design phase engages all stakeholders maximizing service delivery value while minimizing risk and costs.


  • Provides Ability to Adapt to Changing Business Needs to Ensure Increased Competitive Advantage
  • Promotes Clarity to Service Investment Driven By Business Priorities and Return on Investment
  • Improves the Quality and Performance of the Service as well as Reduces Total Ownership Costs
  • Improves IT Governance and Alignment With Business Needs to Customer Requirements 

IT Service Transition & Operation

Deploying a designed IT service into a production environment requires detailed transition steps to ensure the services designed are fully planned, tested and evaluated prior to release.  We partner with our clients to confirm these phases are properly designed in place for a successful service implementation. 


To capture support levels within an SLA defining performance parameters, we collaborate with IT service business units to define a balanced approach to execute quality service within cost, enable stability and responsiveness as well as drive services while minimizing operational costs and risks.


  • Provides Better Estimation of Cost, Timing, Resource Requirements and Risk
  • Propels Confidence for Cost Effective New or Updated Services and Improved Asset Control
  • Provides Operational Data to Justify Investment in Service Improvement and New Technologies
  • Provides Quick Access to Standard Services To Increase and Improve Productivity and Quality 


Continual Service Improvement

Implementing IT service operations does not stop once the service itself is in place.  We team with our clients through establishing critical success factors to utilize an improvement methodology such as Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act model.  Opportunities captured are compared against business metrics such as overall service costs to determine return on investment and total cost ownership.


  • Promotes Gradual Improvement in Service Quality and Ensures Services are Aligned to Requirements
  • Identifies Opportunities for Improvements and Training within the Organization, Technology and Communications

IT Service Management - Technology Enablement

We work with our clients to implement technologies that champion the ITSM framework, increasing transparency and productivity within ITSM process areas generating operational efficiencies and adding business value.  Additionally, we execute agnostic product engagements aligning requirements to ITSM solutions such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedy and Cherwell Service Management to increase visibility in to service processes.


  • Drives Modeled Services Supporting Customer Requirements
  • Enhances Service Control, Awareness and Stability Within the ITSM Environment
  • Bridges Service Owners and Customer Operations to Optimize Proactive Results
  • Enables Visibility into Service Metrics to Accelerate Continuous Improvement Action