Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Strategized IT Governance, Proactive Risk Management, Streamlined Compliance.


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Planning and executing business initiatives to meet organizational objectives necessitate a formalized structure of governance, risk management and compliance around documented requirements imposed by government, regulators and industry. To synchronize these pillars, we continuously evaluate our client’s documented control mechanisms to ensure stability and clarity within an organization, promoting focus on IT security, risk management and compliance. From our in-depth expertise, we bridge the right team with our clients to identify, measure and manage areas of risk within the IT demands defined within top level engagement from the insight out.


Governance Strategy and Implementation

To successfully execute enterprise wide IT governance, we team with our clients to ensure business objectives and quantifiable metrics are defined prior to strategy development around governance. Through iterative review cycles, we continue to evaluate and evolve processes and procedures around the organization to ensure the IT governance structure is optimized.


Through Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technologies, we further the implementation of IT governance with process mapping that connects risk management and compliance to the governance process that cements them. IT governance effectiveness, assessment automation and remediation efficiency is realized throughout the lifecycle and maturity of the GRC tool.


  • Implementation of IT Governance Controls Promote Standardization and Effectiveness
  • Empowers Proactive Decision Making from Continuous Risk Analysis and Trend Analytics
  • Merges Strategy and Processes To Policies Accelerating Efficient Action To Risk and Regulation


Risk Management Strategy and Implementation

According to ISACA, “IT risk is a business risk; specifically, the business risk associated with the use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of IT within an enterprise.” Utilizing the ISACA Risk IT Framework, we partner with our clients within the three domains of risk governance, risk response and risk evaluation,  applying a holistic and cutting-edge perspective on continuously supporting business objectives.

In addition to this risk management framework, we utilize IT security requirements within compliance regulation to ensure risk is accounted for, enabling controls and processes within IT security environment and supporting practices. These IT security compliance requirements will drive decision-making capabilities within organizations to ensure risk impact is measured and minimized.

Within the implemented GRC tool, the performance of risk assessments, evaluated criteria and remediation actions are streamlined. This alignment increases overall risk situational awareness and ensures appropriate actions are taken in an effective manner.


  • Enables Proactive Risk Response Capability through Risk Management and Governance
  • Enhances Risk Evaluation and Response Posture to Business Forces
  • Capitalizes Business Strategy and Risk Governance Ensuring Appropriate Controls Are In Place


Compliance Strategy and Implementation

Deploying a forward-thinking compliance process through an iterative review of policies, processes and procedures is required to maximize trust, awareness and security towards internal and external facing customers.

To execute consistent, recurring compliance initiatives, we work with our clients to plan and identify areas that require gap analysis and controls development utilizing industry compliance regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI-DSS. This enables our team to evaluate and evolve the audit process while driving business unit compliance, education and awareness.


  • Aligns Processes to Requirements within Regulation, Reducing Business Risk and Liability
  • Regulation and Requirements Streamlines Risk Management and IT Governance Processes
  • Enables Confidence and Awareness to Business Customers on Regulations Being Adhered To