Business Transformation Office

Business Transformation Office.

Forward-Thinking Workforce Development, Transformative Technology Integration, Agile-Focused Strategy Execution.

As disruptive business-driven forces continue to enforce the necessity to adapt to remain competitive, effective business transformation efforts will be required. Whether these forces originate from customer demand, market competition or major advancements in technology, we identify strategy requirements where the Business Transformation Office can plan, communicate and execute these enhanced business objectives utilizing a defined change management plan from the insight out.


Digital Business Transformation

Gartner estimates, “By 2020, 75 percent of businesses will be digital, or have digital business transformations underway. However, only 30 percent of those efforts will be successful, owing in part to a lack of specialized talent and technical expertise.”

Redefining the way companies deliver customer value within a continuously changing digital enviroment is critical to business growth aligned with their organizational strategy. We partner with organizational leaders and the business transformation office to enable top-down, digital transformation initiatives delivering leadership and support.

To drive an engaging digital business transformation, the following steps are planned and executed:

Pioneering this transformation initiative is critical by creating a forward-thinking workforce utilizing digital solutions that will meet and deliver value within established processes. We integrate agile-focused processes with empowering technologies to enable the transformation lifecycle within business operations. Establishing critical IT partnerships increases value through best practices within cloud, mobile, security and analytics enables the business transformation.


  • Forward-Thinking Workforce Culture with Enhanced Collaboration
  • Integration of Agile Processes with Digital Technology to Deliver Continuous Value
  • Increase Digital Solution Implementation Effectiveness Through IT Partnerships