Project Delivery Framework Review & Training

Case Study:

Project Delivery Framework Review & Training

Project Mission and Background

Our client is a not-for-profit wholesale electricity generation and transmission provider in the western United States. The client has historically not had any formal process for the project management function and has decided to develop and implement a new Project Delivery Framework to improve the project management practice.

Lewis Fowler was brought in to deliver the following:


  • Current state assessment – review and assess the proposed Project Delivery Framework against industry standards
  • Feedback and recommendations – provide suggestions for modifications or improvements to the Project Delivery Framework to improve the effectiveness of the rollout and adoption of these new processes
  • Project Delivery Framework Training – develop and deliver training for all project managers and other key stakeholders introducing the new Framework and key project management concepts to facilitate framework adoption
  • Next Steps and Roadmap – provide suggestions for longer term continuous improvement and maturity of the Project Management Framework and overall project delivery capabilities


Our power generation and electricity transmission client had never had any formalized project management processes. The project management role had always been filled by power company resources who took on the project delivery function as a side effort to their normal daily engineering or operations role. Many of the people who acted as Project Managers had no formal project management training or only limited experience in the project management role. Project sponsors were often very high in the organizational hierarchy and are often disconnected from the daily project activities or are sponsoring many projects.  Overall, the company had little experience with formal project management practices or the operating standards for effective project delivery.

Our Approach

For all deliverables our approach involved analysis (reviewing artifacts, surveying key stakeholders regarding project management knowledge and believes, and conducting interviews) and development phases (gap analysis, recommendations, roadmap planning, and training materials). Survey results, survey comments, and all materials developed were reviewed with the engagement stakeholders for feedback and refinement. 

Direct Benefits

This engagement with Lewis Fowler addressed the need to assess the proposed Project Delivery Framework, generated information about current attitudes and behaviors related to project management, introduced new concepts that were able to immediately be put to use to drive better project outcomes and communication, and provided a roadmap for future growth and maturity of the framework.


Partnering with Lewis Fowler allowed the client to

  • Make improvements to the new Project Delivery Framework materials being introduced to the company
  • Better understand the attitudes and behaviors of people involved in the project management process
  • Introduce new project management concepts to improve project delivery quality
  • Create a plan for next steps and develop a longer term roadmap for ongoing continuous improvement



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