Project Management Office (PMO) Implementation

Case Study:

Project Management Office (PMO) Implementation

Project Mission and Background

After successfully completing a divestiture from its parent company, our client, an IT organization supporting a leading independent natural gas and crude oil exploration and production company, sought to implement a new Project Management Organization (PMO). Implementation of governance, IT project management processes, and disciplined project delivery to enable speedy successful project execution were our client’s top priorities; they also needed to develop and deploy basic portfolio management processes and reporting along with a project and portfolio management (PPM) tool that IT executives and project management staff could quickly adopt. While the existing PMO leadership had established a set of fundamental goals and objectives for the organization, they lacked the bandwidth and familiarity with current PMO best practices to pursue the implementation on their own.   Further, their project managers (PMs) possessed a relatively low level of maturity, emphasizing the need to focus on the basics and then evolve the team’s maturity over time. 



Our client faced a high volume of in-flight project work as well numerous incoming project requests. As such, they needed to maintain daily productivity while deploying the new project management processes and tools. Although an initial set of annual initiatives had been defined and prioritized within our client’s existing, manual portfolio management database, that data was in many cases duplicated, inaccurate or simply out of date. Standard project types, phases and deliverables had not been defined, and the limited set of existing project management templates needed significant review and revision. The client also had no clearly articulated requirements tied to their desire to purchase and deploy a cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) tool.

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler began by documenting our client’s short, medium and long-term PMO goals in order to ensure that both our process and tool recommendations would support their top priorities. We defined and documented a new portfolio governance process -- including demand management and prioritization – which enabled our client to accurately prioritize existing initiatives against incoming project requests and appropriately assign IT resources to support them.  To facilitate improved project delivery, we defined a set of three common project types, standard phases and deliverables, and created a comprehensive set of easy-to-use project management templates. To assist in the realization of our client’s portfolio management objectives, we captured their requirements, researched the leading cloud-based PPM solutions, then leveraged Lewis Fowler’s proprietary scoring model to choose the right PPM tool. We partnered with the client’s PMO Lead and solution vendor to seamlessly complete the implementation, including enhanced portfolio reporting and dashboard design.

Direct Benefits

By choosing Lewis Fowler, our client launched a best-in-class PMO with a set of optimized processes and templates along with the best PPM tool to effectively manage their portfolio.  As a result, our client gained the ability to accurately and effectively manage their projects and resources in support of ongoing project delivery excellence.


Using Lewis Fowler’s project management services, the client achieved its PMO implementation goals quickly and this direction and in the long term overcome the shortcomings of the GIS system to become a highly valuable asset for the company.


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