Grant Program Process Implementation

Case Study:

Grant Program Process Implementation

Project Mission and Background

One of the country’s largest regulated electric utility companies received a very high-profile, multi million government cooperative grant award which was funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).  This agreement involved researching, developing, and providing specifications for the construction of a commercial-scale technology to produce clean fuels from coal. While the client possessed prior government grant experience, they were looking for a vendor to support the program architecture as well as an enterprise solution to ongoing grant management and regulatory reporting and compliance process implementation.




Previous government grants to this client had been smaller in scale and were managed by the client’s internal business unit leaders, which led to inconsistency throughout the organization on how these types of opportunities were evaluated and executed.  The client’s time reporting and billing practices also had areas that needed alignment with government standards and specific regulations.

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler conducted a detailed assessment of our client’s program management, internal systems and processes, analyzing them against the applicable federal regulations affecting financial assistance awards and prepared a gap analysis.  With the consensus of the management team, Lewis & Fowler developed and deployed a strategic plan that firmly established the guidelines for properly managing government-funded grant programs.  Our effort included the development and implementation of a Government Program Office & Project Management Handbook including policies, procedures, and system changes that will assist the client in successfully supporting future grant awards.

Direct Benefits

By choosing Lewis Fowler, our client was able to quickly and successfully implement a set of modified internal processes which allowed them to satisfy government compliance requirements.  Implementation of a strategic plan and tactical procedures allowed our client to maintain an equitable position on their agreement and assisted them in evaluating future projects for viability.


Lewis Fowler helped our client meet current government compliance requirements by tying grant program management with process improvements, leveraging existing system capabilities and minimizing non-reimbursable system upgrade costs.  This enabled our client to manage their existing grant management tracking and reporting obligations while positioning them to execute future awards.


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