Geographic Information System (GIS)

Case Study:

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Project Mission and Background

After several years of implementing and doing point solution roll outs for a GIS system, IT was interested in developing an enterprise strategy and roadmap that leveraged the existing footprint and created additional value-added capabilities across the business and IT organizations.  The intent was that a strategy and roadmap would be created to encompass leveraging out of the box capabilities and integration with other applications.  In addition, a roadmap would be created to include general governance, policies and procedures roll out, metrics capture and ongoing training and organizational change management. 

Lewis Fowler worked with field and IT geospatial SMEs, in conjunction with the GIS Steering Committee, to execute this work.  Planning efforts were mindful of the pace and priorities of activities the business is experiencing.  Lewis Fowler leveraged the Executive Sponsor and/or the GIS Steering Committee as necessary to resolve or mitigate any priority conflicts as needed to ensure that the engagement was completed on time, on scope and on budget.




During the project, the following difficulties were identified and mitigated especially with regards to GIS:

  • Extremely high level of business activity due to the nature of the oil and gas industry
  • Severe fragmentation of practices and processes between all business units
  • Varying levels of understanding and value placed on GIS by business leaders
  • Limited GIS resources in the business and IT

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler initially did an overall assessment of the client's IS systems to ascertain current state of the following key areas:

  • Technology and Infrastructure including Hardware, Software, Network and Support
  • Data including Data Sets, Dataflow, Retention and Governance
  • Organization encompassing Roles and Responsibilities and Standards
  • GIS Business Challenges in the areas of Requests and Business Requirements

Based on the current state assessment a ranking of priorities was established as well as a list of recommendations to address the client's immediate concerns for GIS.   For the long term, the goal is to create a 1 – 3 year roadmap for GIS to provide direction of the categories listed above and to achieve a consensus in meeting certain goals through a GIS Steering Committee.


The mission was to put in place a comprehensive strategy and roadmap with the end result of leveraging geospatial information to achieve business results for the client's goals.  We believe that a focus was provided to guide the client in this direction and in the long term overcome the shortcomings of the GIS system to become a highly valuable asset for the company.


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