Enterprise Content Management Deployment

Case Study:

Enterprise Content Management Deployment

Project Mission and Background

Our client, a billion dollar midstream energy company, desired to implement an enterprise content management (ECM) system to support the strategic vision of its board of directors and Chief Legal Counsel to reduce the amount of time required to produce critical audit or legal summons documents.  Originally, the vision for the program intended to leverage Microsoft SharePoint for both electronic data capture and Internal Audit / Accounts Payable records management as a means of minimizing risk associated with improper identification and storage of Right of Way (ROW) documents. However, leadership also realized that specific email documents were not correctly being flagged as “records” in accordance with their global records management policy, largely due to the manually intensive effort to catalog and track all of these documents.  Our client had an overarching strategic goal to improve cross-functional collaboration and minimize manual processes and handoffs for these sensitive documents.



The client’s in-house IT organization lacked qualified internal Project Management resources to lead the initiative.  Specifically, IT leadership sought a Technical Project Manager with in-depth Enterprise Content Management, SharePoint knowledge and expertise that could be leveraged to successfully launch the technology as there had been previous unsuccessful attempts to implement the tool in the past.  The client’s engagement of multiple different technology vendors added complexity to the project, requiring a project leader who could clearly define roles and responsibilities as well as drive the project toward a timely completion. 

Our Approach

Lewis & Fowler’s Senior Project Manager applied their SharePoint expertise to implement the client’s ECM policy in a technical capacity by leveraging technology to eliminate paper handoffs and redirect electronic artifacts to specific, secure online storage domains.  By implementing new scanners and an automated workflow to transmit Accounts Payable documents into the client’s Oracle G/L tool, we eliminated 40+ hours per week of manual effort and significantly improved document security.  Using our proprietary Deliverables Based Planningsm project management methodology allowed our Project Manager to establish tangible milestones and measurable project benefits for each phase of the project, which provided our client with a blueprint for their improving their own internal project delivery model.  Lewis & Fowler provided diligent vendor management and oversight to coordinate on-time project delivery and mitigate the risks associated with the vendors’ unique issues and differing goals for the project.  In addition, our project manager’s knowledge of capital and expense allocation practices helped to reduce the overall costs, which freed up funds to continue the project after the original budget was reduced by 85%.

Direct Benefits

By correctly implementing an enterprise content management solution, Lewis & Fowler supported our client’s strategic goals to implement a secure, electronic records management tool and reduce costly risks associated with audit exceptions and legal investigations.  Our expert implementation of SharePoint technology eliminated hours of manual data entry, resulting in annual cost savings to our client of approximately $160k. The vendor oversight  provided by our Project Manager alleviated miscommunications and conflicting priorities while providing our client with a single point of contact and accountability for all project deliverables, keeping the project  in alignment the defined scope and timelines.


Lewis & Fowler helped our client reach their strategic records management goals by delivering an integrated SharePoint solution, while providing critical vendor management oversight and example Deliverables Based Planningsm practices to serve as a solid foundation for future initiatives.


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