IT PMO Onboarding & Training

Case Study:

IT PMO Onboarding & Training

Project Mission and Background

Our client is a Fortune 500 healthcare delivery organization located in the western United States. The client recognized its relative lack of maturity in relation to their processes to hire, onboard and train new PMO resources.

Lewis Fowler was brought in to build:

  • A competency model for project management roles based on the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) v5.0
  • Recommendations for updated job descriptions
  • An interview process, timeline and standardized questions
  • An onboarding checklist and RACI
  • Recommendations for assessing performance of those in project management roles
  • A 90-day training plan and 18-month training strategy with an annual refresher and certification


Our healthcare client’s IT PMO had experienced significant turnover across all locations impacting team maturity, stable project leadership and delivery, team member workload, and increased time required for interviewing and onboarding new team members. The IT PMO did not have a clear understanding of the skills and competencies required for each role or a consistent or thorough interview process to ensure those hired had the skills and talent required to be successful. Additionally, information gathered from exit interviews communicated problems with team member’s onboarding experience and ongoing IT PMO training, further impacting their ability to be successful in their role. Finally, operating without a solid and consistent definition of competency expectations (by role) and a performance evaluation focused more on project management capabilities, the IT PMO was unable to provide teammates with the feedback needed to support improvement and growth.

Our Approach

For all deliverables, we followed an approach that involved analysis (gathering existing artifacts, interviews, participation in existing related processes/activities, etc.) and development phases. For the interviewing and onboarding deliverables, pilots were planned to exercise the processes and templates.  All deliverables were reviewed in detail with the engagement owners and any teammates identified for their subject matter expertise, for feedback and refinement.

Direct Benefits

Lewis Fowler directly addressed key concerns raised by the client’s leadership and IT PMO teammates surrounding hiring, performance, and retention.


Partnering with Lewis Fowler to guide their IT PMO onboarding and training Initiative allowed our client to better understand:

  • The project management skills and talent they sought
  • How to identify and select candidates that have those skills and talent
  • How a more robust and consistent onboarding process will make new hires productive faster
  • How to work with their existing performance evaluation process but provide more in-depth feedback to Project Managers
  • A suggested approach for baselining Project Manager training and ongoing professional development


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