CMMI/P3M3 Maturity Assessment

Case Study:

CMMI/P3M3 Maturity Assessment

Project Mission and Background

Our client, a market-leading global health information services company with nearly 20,000 employees, needed to improve its project delivery processes in support of its goal to increase annual revenues and transform itself from a data provider to a solution provider. After receiving conflicting explanations from the organization concerning the reasons behind their challenges, the CEO sought to engage an independent third-party to assess the company’s software development and project management maturity levels, as well as to identify root causes tied to project cost estimating.



The majority of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) had been in place for fewer than three years, leading to the lack of cohesive alignment to a shared strategic vision or tactical plan to execute. The company also had previously undertaken a number of challenging initiatives designed to support their desired transformation efforts with little success, which created confusion throughout the organization about the company’s ability to achieve results.  As such, the leadership team asked Lewis Fowler to identify and explore issues across all aspects of their product development lifecycle to expose root causes unrelated to process maturity.

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler utilized the CMMI DEV 1.2 and P3M3 industry frameworks to guide development and execution of three surveys to assess the organization’s project management, software development, and cost estimating maturity levels. To evaluate the organizational and cultural challenges affecting their project delivery performance, we customized an additional survey aimed at identifying specific leadership, communication, and change management issues that might have been preventing our client from achieving success. The assessment also incorporated one-on-one interviews, project case studies, and detailed process artifact analysis to expose recurring project delivery problems and their root causes. By leveraging this data, Lewis Fowler was able to pinpoint a fundamental strategic disconnect at the leadership team level, further exacerbated by a lack of process governance and organizational change management. Our consultants developed a set of detailed findings along with a recommended phased approach to close these process, organizational, and cultural gaps.

Direct Benefits

Lewis Fowler provided our client with a set of clearly articulated root causes tied to their project delivery challenges, plus actionable recommendations which could be implemented as part of a short-, medium-, and long-term improvement plan. The client has increased credibility throughout the organization and is armed with the tools they need to achieve their strategic goals.


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