Strategic Consulting and Balanced Scorecard

Case Study:

Strategic Consulting and Balanced Scorecard

Project Mission and Background

Our client, a billion dollar, multi-national financial services corporation completed a major organizational restructuring to centralize business analyst resources into a single competency Center of Excellence internal synergies and reduce unnecessary expenses.  As a result, 75+ project management resources from more than half a dozen individual Project Management Offices (PMOs) centralized into a single workgroup.  The new organization needed to quickly understand the skills and relevant experience each new resource possessed in order to determine their ideal role and grade level.   Training and development plans would also be necessary to proactively continue to mature the new team of project managers.  Finally, with ever-shifting portfolio demands, PMO leadership also sought to understand the appropriate staffing model in order to meet both internal and external client needs.




The PMO organization lacked a clearly defined set of roles and associated job descriptions tied to each of the project manager grade levels. There were no objective means of linking those roles with definitive skill sets and behaviors which could be used to set and manage performance expectations throughout the employee's PMO career. Additionally, managers of the newly consolidated PMO had little insight to the historical project management training or practical experience for their incoming resources. Our client recognized their need for a comprehensive assessment of their PMO resources that would provide them with a set of industry best-practices for project management competency, as well as training and development recommendations essential to achieving their goal of becoming a world-class PMO.

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler's Competency Assessment Modelsm takes a three-step approach to providing our clients with valuable data about their most important asset – their human resources. We began by developing a PMBOK-based Project Management Competency Matrix to define a set of minimum project management competencies and deliverables. Lewis Fowler customized the Competency Matrix to reflect our client's unique PMO role definitions, culture, and required project management artifacts. Using the Competency Matrix, we individually assessed each project manager resource against the minimum competencies and created a comprehensive set of results which ranked the competency results by grade level, job family, reporting structure. Along with our client's competency results, we delivered a 12-month PMO Training Recommendation, which provided them with a set of both internal and external training options to support their PM's ongoing development plans. A separate deliverable included our recommended PMO Staffing Model, including the optimal number and grade level of project managers required to meet their project delivery needs. The combination of the Competency Assessment results, PM Training Recommendations, and PMO Staffing Model armed our client with the tools they needed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their organization, communicate performance expectations, and make hiring and promotional decisions.

Direct Benefits

Lewis Fowler provided the client with important insight regarding their PMO resource competencies and development needs, along with their ongoing portfolio staffing requirements. Our analysis, findings, and recommendations allowed them to make informed decisions and facilitated their evolution toward becoming a best-in-class PMO.


Lewis Fowler helped our client accomplish their strategic PMO goals by delivering quantitative competency results and actionable recommendations to drive improved portfolio management and PM resource development. 


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