ServiceNow Implementation

Case Study:

ServiceNow Implementation

Project Mission and Background

Our client is a leading southwestern metropolitan power and water utility organization responsible for providing resources to over 1 million customers.  In an attempt to better leverage ITIL best practices, they decided to migrate from a Service Desk to a ServiceNow platform as part of a long term Information Technology Service Management Improvement Program. This client contracted with Lewis Fowler to achieve the following goals:


  • Create a scalable information technology platform
  • Enhance organizational maturity
  • Allow scalable long-term growth
  • Provide more configurable “out of the box” functionality that requires less programming, fewer resource requirements, is simpler to use, and has improved reporting capabilities




Due to relative immaturity, our client has faced many struggles over the past two years in their attempt to consistently and predictably serve their customers.  Challenges to address this have included, but have not been limited to, a ‘resistance to change’ mentality among the tenured employees and a prior structure that was more informal and less standardized.   The overall Information Technology Service Management Improvement Program has been under discussion during this time frame, but initiation and finalized proof of concept finalization has been delayed due to these struggles.  Lately, this organization has adopted a more motivated approach:  that change is required to grow in maturity as an organization. 

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler began by gathering the requirements to drive a migration from Service Desk to ServiceNow, taking into consideration a formalized organization change management plan.  Next, we developed a detailed roadmap and timeline to address desired implementation areas within the organization during particular timeframes.  These areas included: Change Management, Incident and Problem Management, Request Management, Event Management, Timecard Management, Asset Management, HR Case Management and Performance Analytics.  We then worked with an external vendor to provide architectural and developmental assistance and were able to produce a phased approach to meet all documented requirements.  With all resources then in place, we worked to rationalize and normalize the current “As Is” functionality to a desired “To Be” environment.  This coordination with a few dozen stakeholder groups resulted in the elimination of old, extraneous processes and reduced the amount of data that was no longer required for retention purposes.  With this elimination, we were able to complete the project with clean data, accurate routing, correct configuration items, and groups to maximize best practices as related to ITIL.

Direct Benefits

By choosing Lewis Fowler, our client was able to achieve a successful deployment of ServiceNow based on industry best practices.  As a result, our client was satisfied with our high quality project management and delivery.


ServiceNow Implementation Results


Partnering with Lewis Fowler has enabled our client to pursue and adhere to industry best practices while working with knowledgeable resources.  This partnership added value in terms of increased risk mitigating, increased transparency within the organization, and a strengthened formal change management process.


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