Program Management

Case Study:

Program Management

Project Mission and Background

In response to decreased guest counts and waning relevance, our client launched a Brand Transformation Initiative in 2012.  The goal: more guests, more often, more delighted.  To achieve that, they sought to increase guest count and sales and reignite their culture.  In addition to the obvious of pursuing remodeling their locations, our client also sought to implement presentation and service changes. 
We engaged with our client in the spring of 2013 to support the two system-wide summer deployments for presentation and service changes.  We facilitated weekly status meetings and stewarded the successful delivery of the smallwares and of service training.  We also developed a plan to drive adoption of the new service model. 
We also managed the service enhancements for the remodels that began in the fall of 2013.  We coordinated the delivery of supplies and uniforms and created and delivered the service enhancement training.  We also served as the point of contact for the impacted locations to ensure successful execution.



Our client faced a high volume of in-flight project work as well numerous upcoming projects under the program umbrella of Brand Transformation. As such, they needed a program manager to coordinate the overall activities, in addition to managing specific projects. Although priorities continually shifted due to the dynamic environment, we were able to maintain the overall schedule even with limited resources.  Each project required multiple stakeholders so communication among the various departments was critical.  

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler began by shadowing a current project manager, before assuming the role of program manager, and learning the business by going out into the field.  Our approach included facilitating weekly status meetings (including the dissemination of agendas and meeting minutes and action items) and driving project progress.  At the programmatic level, we implemented bi-weekly budget meetings and facilitated weekly project manager meetings to ensure coordination between the people related activities and the construction related activities.  We supported the development of training materials and facilitated the coordination of supplies and uniform deliveries.  We also supported test projects, including development and dissemination of communications for the impacted locations.

Direct Benefits

By choosing Lewis Fowler, our client was able to continue to achieve successful deployments of the presentation and service changes during the summer and continued service enhancements during the fall.  As a result, our client was satisfied with our high quality program and project delivery.


Using Lewis Fowler’s project management services, our client was able to continue to execute program and project delivery excellence under tight deadlines and shifting priorities.


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