Migrating a Multinational IT Department In-House

Case Study:

Migrating a Multinational IT Department In-House

Project Mission and Background

The client, a multi-national mining company with more than 35,000 staff members globally, annual revenues in excess of $12B, and a market capitalization of more than $50B, created a program to in-source  its IT department, which had been outsourced for more than seven years, to in-house staff and other third party service providers.  The intent was to reduce costs by more than $55M over five years while concurrently improving the quality of service.  The program was built to create and implement the process management framework to transform the company’s global IT services by applying a consistent, standards-based, and reliable support model, thereby allowing IT to provide effective support for the company’s global business strategy while improving operating efficiencies and delivering a better overall IT experience to business users worldwide.



Having outsourced its IT department for an extended period of time meant that the client was lacking the infrastructure (methodology, processes, staffing, tools, and equipment) necessary to provide services to the business.  While building that infrastructure, the company concurrently re-organized its global IT organization, redesigned its global network while engaging another set of carriers, physically moved multiple global data centers, and redesigned its storage and backup architectures.  The client had never undertaken an IT project of this size or scope, the budget and timelines were pre-determined, with an extremely aggressive timeline. 

Our Approach

To manage the effort for the client, Lewis Fowler provided a program manager with specific experience in migrating IT services in-house and several project managers to take responsibility for the various components of the migration.  To address the program’s challenges, the Lewis Fowler team immediately engaged stakeholders and established lines of communication throughout the organization, worked with the client to quickly and effectively staff the project and the final support team, and drove toward task-level project detail as quickly as possible.  In addition, the team re-set expectations and forecasts as needed, defined requirements concurrently with required execution, allowed a reconciliation period to address missed needs, and closely managed scope and budget to ensure that neither grew as a result of changing approaches or expectations.

Direct Benefits

By engaging Lewis Fowler, the client recognized the immediate benefit of having an experienced team of program and project managers to guide the project discovery, definition, design, and implementation processes.  Doing so provided visibility into and structure around communication, expectations, finances, and overall project management for the program as a whole, which resulted in the program being delivered on-time and under budget, while delivering on the overall program goals. 



Lewis Fowler enabled the client to deliver an aggressive $32M program outside of its areas of expertise on-time and under budget, leaving behind a fully-structured IT services organization with the infrastructure and processes needed to deliver a quality solution to the business while delivering on the program’s goals of improved efficiency and quality.


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