HR Application Replacements (eHR)

Case Study:

HR Application Replacements (eHR)

Project Mission and Background

Our client had grown significantly over the last few years through acquisition and mergers.  As a result, the current HR applications were not adequate to support the organization.  The client selected 3 new SaaS applications (Workday, Kenexa, and Cornerstone) to address their needs in HRMS, Recruiting Management and Learning Management respectively.   



There were a number of key challenges that the client faced with implementing these applications:

  • Inexperienced resources - The client had very little experience in implementing large applications
  • Lack of resources – Employees were not fully dedicated to the project
  • Aggressive Schedule - The client set a very aggressive schedule to implement all 3 applications simultaneously
  • Outsized Expectations – The client's expectations for the 3rd party vendors were not in alignment for what was in the contracts
  • Incomplete Solution – The client assumed that the integration between HR and Payroll was straight forward

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler’s Project Manager applied his project management experience to organize the project and frame it within a structured work plan.  He used standard PM methodology to work with the client teams to divide the work effort and to establish roles and responsibilities.  Additionally, he laid out the timeline that encompassed all 3 vendors and mapped out the key dependencies between the different work streams.  Recognizing the client’s lack of detailed payroll knowledge, the PM used his past experience to frame the payroll solution, worked with a new vendor to get a contract signed and had resources dedicated to this effort.  Additionally, the PM also detailed out both the System Test and Payroll Parallel Test approaches including the frame work for test conditions, test cycles and execution schedule.     

 Recognizing the complexity of the payroll integration and the lack of resources, the PM educated the client of the impact to the project schedule.  He helped the client assess the situation and also to make the decision to delay the go-live of the HR and Recruiting solution.  Additionally, the client independently decided to postpone the Learning implementation due to the complexity of dealing with 4 major work streams at the same time.  This proved to be beneficial as it allowed the team to focus on the other pieces of work.


Using a structured Project Management approach enabled the team to implement 3 new SaaS applications at a client that had almost no prior experience with large implementations.  By enforcing a standard approach along with detailed testing methodology positioned the client to go live with only minor issues.  Finally, simultaneously deploying multiple complex solutions established the value that Lewis Fowler provided and positioned the client for continued success.


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