Business Process Continuity Planning

Case Study:

Business Process Continuity Planning

Project Mission and Background

A century-old multi-billion-dollar manufacturing company with global operations realized that they need to be prepared for the possibility of their ERP system becoming unavailable unexpectedly. Goals for the effort included:

  • Identify most critical customer facing operations
  • Create manual workaround processes for these operations
  • Cooperate with historical and tribally trained personnel across North America
  • Get a review and sign-off on the plan by independent plants   


The client culture was focused on maintaining familiar methods. ERP upgrades had proven difficult in the past. Data solutions had been created locally without bounds. Cooperation and rapport needed to be maintained throughout the project so that the complex data system interaction could be learned, understood, and manually replicated in the event of an unexpected ERP crash.

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler was able to provide the cooperative intelligence to review both the official corporate processes as well as the modified plant floor processes. We learned from both groups and identified the most critical customer facing issues to minimize disruption to customers during an unexpected ERP event. This was accomplished through our knowledge and understanding of manufacturing and large business process practice. A large detailed document was created to guide all plants to continue to move through the manual execution of complex JIT shipments and emergency parts replacement.

Direct Benefits

This project provided the client with a customer-centric business continuity plan consisting of detailed responses by business process type. It also provided a series of workaround process documents to be used by the operators so they can continue to provide their customers the best service possible in the event of an unexpected ERP outage. The detailed business process continuity plan and process documents will allow our client to:

  • Be prepared and as effective as possible when faced with an unexpected ERP issue
  • Minimize customer facing issues through having a detailed continuity plan 
  • Continue focus and prioritization through difficult data darkness


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