Space Flight Hardware Project<br /> Planning and Controls

Case Study:

Space Flight Hardware Project
Planning and Controls

Project Mission and Background

A leading aerospace technology company producing commercial space mission hardware and capabilities began the design and development of auxiliary equipment for autonomous satellite servicing missions. To effectively manage this $37M program, the client needed additional planning and controls resources immediately. Internal resources were unavailable due to the needs of larger programs.



Our initial assessment discovered:

  • The program needed Program Planning and Control (PP&C) personnel and expertise that were not available internally.
  • The delivery schedule had slipped significantly because of program resource conflicts.
  • The scope had increased without sufficient change control, impacting schedule and cost.
  • The program was reporting negative cost variance to the customer.

Our Approach

Lewis Fowler was engaged to assist the program management team with the planning and scheduling activities. We quickly determined the need to use a PP&C consultant to fill the resource gap returning the schedule to "green." In a short period of time our PP&C consultant:

  • Streamlined the program status reporting processes used to gather and communicate program performance metrics.
  • Improved the change control procedures used to document and manage all scope change requests.
  • Implemented a process to negotiate dates between the functional teams responsible for fabricating and testing the flight hardware.
  • Assisted in the negotiation of engineering priorities for the team.
  • Optimized the flight hardware test plans to compress the schedule through a credible re-baselined process.

Direct Benefits

Lewis Fowler regained control of the program scope, documented the schedule impacts of the customer requested changes, installed processes for negotiating work packages resulting in a credible schedule baseline. This reduced the overall cost of the program scheduling and planning while improving the overall program performance, increasing the program's credibility. Lewis Fowler provided the "right people, at the right place, at the right time, for the right price."


Lewis Fowler quickly responded to the needs of our client, providing them with a Program Planning and Controls consultant with the skills and experience that could rapidly respond to the needs of the program with benefits measurable in the first week of the engagement.


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