Project Recovery

Case Study:

Project Recovery

Project Mission and Background

A subsidiary of a $65B aerospace company who delivers essential information and optimization solutions to improve the efficiency of air, sea and rail operations around the globe had begun implementation of a major upgrade to its web infrastructure / platform.   The original scope was a straightforward technology migration, with limited additional functionality to be deployed. This upgrade would allow the company to enhance the customer-facing web front-end, which would allow seamless, real-time access to unique,   innovative solutions that were the showcase products of the company. The project was designed to clearly support the company's strategic goals.



After nine months and $1MM expended, the project lacked a clear delivery date, due to a lack of disciplined project management, in turn leading to severe scope creep. The internal team had pursued a complex, customized solution without a concrete technical and functional architecture. Internal customers were extremely dissatisfied due to missed targets and lost revenue opportunities. The project manager was dismissed, and project team members with critical knowledge had abandoned the company.

The Solution

Lewis Fowler was engaged to quickly assess the current state of the development effort and develop a plan for putting the project back onto a path that matched the company's strategy. We:

  • Prepared a current state assessment by conducting a thorough analysis of the initial scope, existing requirements, and completed code.
  • Designed an in-depth e-business architectural strategy, based on our analysis and recommendations, with documentation of existing systems architecture, recommended future-state models, and business and technology requirements for a redesigned web portal.
  • Developed a practical and accurate development approach with revised estimates, project schedules, resource requirements, risk management and a clear understanding of issues and impacts.
  • Led vendor selection for the ESB solution.
  • Developed an objective business case validating the approach.


With Lewis Fowler, our client achieved their critical objective of a technology infrastructure supporting their business strategy. We led the client through a manageable approach, providing them the capability to understand project
progression, such as percentage of completed code. Additionally, we leveraged the development efforts to date, identifying which project artifacts could be salvaged, in order to reduce the cost of completion (i.e., without starting over). The client recouped their initial $1MM and additional investments through the increased revenue and profit margins provided by the enhanced customer web view, meeting the strategic and tactical goals of the business.


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