Recruiting Redefined

It’s not about filling a position.

It’s about the fit.
And your future.

Consulting Dream Job Webinar

The Lewis Fowler approach to recruiting is one of personalized attention. Does it take more work on our part? Certainly. But we have proven that both our consultants and clients benefit greatly when time is invested up front in the optimal hiring decision.

While every client/consultant match is a customized connection, we actively seek candidates who:

  • Enjoy working independently while still being a contributing, valued team member.
  • Thrive when working on problems of diverse scope and complexity while providing effective solutions.
  • Seek challenges and work well with time-sensitive deliverables.
  • Use good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.
  • Possess excellent communication, presentation, and documentation skills.
  • Exhibit a positive attitude and work well in a team environment.